EXplendid! builds flexible stands that distinguish themselves in quality and design

These smart and attractive stands are modular and can be placed independently or in combination An instant set up construction system.

Graphics & demo screens

The stands allow enough opportunity for your own graphic interpretation that can be changed easily and quickly. There is also the opportunity to place demo screens.

Organize your fair or event in no time

Due to the corona crisis, many entrepreneurs are reluctant to participate in (international) fairs. The EXplendid stands make it possible to organize your own fair or event in any desired location in no time. A controllable and safe set up is guaranteed.

EXplendid! is more than just a stand builder

We have worldwide experience in organizing exhibitions and events. We can completely unburden you with the logistic organization of your stands and exhibition participation.

Clients & target audience

  • (Corporate) companies that want to organize dealer days, customer days, trade days and sales meetings.
  • Exhibition and congress organizers who want to offer their exhibitors luxury rental stands.
  • Event organizers who provide promotion days and trade days for their customers.

The EXplendid! stands can practically be placed anywhere in Europe with a minimum of 10 units

  • Conference rooms in hotels
  • Event locations
  • Exhibition halls
  • Business space, halls and sheds
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